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Ống nhòm ngày Swarovki EL 8.5x42

All new Swarovski EL SwaroVision Binoculars

The best just got even better - introducing SWAROVISION

The revolutionary SWAROVISION TECHNOLOGY from SWAROVSKI OPTIK gives the new Swarovski 8.5x42 EL SwaroVision Binoculars previously unequaled image quality.  The combination of field-flattener lenses, HD optics, and optimized coatings ensures an impressive image resolution across the entire field of view- to the edge of your peripheral vision.  Glasses wearers will also benefit from the full wide-angle field of view due to the generous eye relief.

New Focusing Mechanism - Unique Close Range Adjustment

The new focusing wheel with its unique combination of hard and soft components delivers unprecedented stability and grip.  The focusing mechanism is particularly smooth and completely tolerance-free, making operation of the new EL SWAROVISION binoculars comfortable and precise for a perfect all-around observation experience.  Only two complete turns take you from infinity to an unrivaled close focus of 1.5 meters.  Almost immediately, the new EL becomes a "magnifying glass" for macro observation of the insect world.  The new focusing mechanism enables a correction of defective vision of at least 6 dpt.  It also offers a built-in diopter adjustment of +/- 5 dpt to compensate different visual acuity in each eye.  This results in maximum scope for adjustment to individual visual acuity when used without spectacles.

Unique EL Wrap-Around Grip with Unbeatable Functionality

Featuring the elegant, time-tested Swarovski EL design, the new EL is particularly impressive due to its functionality and combination of features.  The wrap-around grip and focusing mechanism are designed so that the binoculars can also be held securely and easily operated with one hand, even when wearing gloves.  All load-bearing parts are made from high-quality light alloys for maximum ruggedness and stability.  The new EL has an impressive overall weight due to a weight-optimized magnesium housing.  The slender construction and easy-to-handle rubber armori ensure a comfortable experience, even over extended periods of observation.

Swarovski Swarovision binoculars features:

  • SWAROVISION is the integration of 3 key features into one:
  • Field Flattener Lenses: Allows for a razor sharp focus of an image to the extreme edges of the field of view.  The result is a completely distortion-free view!  Field Flattener Lenses are part of SWAROVSKI OPTIKS SWAROVISION technology.  These lenses eliminate all loss of sharpness and distortion at the edges of the binoculars field of view.
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